Tisdale’s Topics:Same color, different agenda

Reprint August 21-27, 2003

Man’s inhumanity to man is compounded many times over when the inhumanity is linked to the fact of being both intraracial and interracial as it is here in Mississippi. Here, the black underclass gets a double whammy of prejudice from the black overlord niggeratti and the white racialists who don’t believe that African Americans are quite human and have always treated blacks as though they were missing links: pithecanthropus erecti. That means the whites react to African Americans as though they have not quite yet achieved humanity, except for a chosen few, who look and act like the whites. A few years ago, a white teacher at Jackson State University testified in federal court that some of her students resisted being taught to “act like white people”. The white teacher thought that resistance was offensive to the black middle class niggeratti such as Marshand Crisler, Leslie Burl McLemore, Bettye Dagner Cook and occasionally William Bo Brown. They have, like Louis Quatorze of France, convinced whites with power that it is the niggeratti’s fingers in the dikes that hold back the black tide “Apre moi le deluge” “After me the deluge”, they tell the declining white population in this 73% black populated city of Jackson. However, the whites continue to rule by proxy: the two whites, Margaret Barrett-Simon of Ward 7 and Ben Allen of Ward 1, plus the combined “working majority” of Crisler, McLemore, Brown and Cook. Crisler is the most abjectly contemptible of the group. I was present at several meetings at which Crisler agreed to support efforts to elect Kenneth Stokes president of the city council, while one must surely reserve the right to change one’s mind, Crisler never did. Yet, Sunday’s Clarion Ledger contained one of the most contemptibly “Toming” letters possible directed against Councilman Kenneth Stokes. This, after that newspaper carried several anti-Stokes editorials and at least one full page of drivel against Stokes last week. It is the behind the scenes maneuvering to deprive Jackson blacks of their voting rights that’s most distressing in this situation. Black rights in Jackson are under attack and four of the five council people who look like me are right in the middle of the scheme!

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