Tisdale’s Topics: Its sad to say

Reprint September 11-17, 2003

Oh east is east and west is west, And never the twain shall meet, Til earth and skies stand Presently At God’s great judgment seat. But there is neither East nor West, Nor race, nor clan, nor birth When two strong men stand Face to face, Though they come from The ends of the earth! –Rudyard Kipling Perhaps it was during the darkest days of the 300 years of slavery and the inbreeding of abject cowardice into African American men that they changed into punks, sissies and hermaphrodites.

Certainly it is peculiar how punks like McLemore, Bo Brown and Marshand Crisler apparently continue to wear pants in their homes when it is abundantly clear that it is not they who really wear the mantle of true authority in their families. It is also clear, that the man in their households is Ben Allen, since his is the only authority that emanates from their manhood residences. While these elected black city council people — men, would certainly be an affront — each claim to be “Democrats”. It’s strange that they vote 99 44/100th percent of the time with white Republican Ben Allen — Hmmm!

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