“Getting on Easy Street” Personal Finance and Credit Program

Monday, October 1

The Jackson Medical Mall Foundation offers the “Getting on Easy Street” Personal Finance and Credit Program to help families build and keep their wealth through a series of workshops. If the threat of losing your home is fast becoming a reality then join them for the upcoming workshop “Keeping Your Home and Your Dollars” from 6–8 p.m. in the Community Meeting Room of the Jackson Medical Mall. Homeowners and potential homeowners will get information on what to do to fight off foreclosure and what it really means to live green and keep money in your pocket. The workshop is free and the first 20 people can view their credit report for free! You must register to attend the workshop. Registration forms are available online at www.jacksonmedicalmall.org or at the Jackson Medical Mall Foundation Office and Security Information Desk. Call 601-982-8467 for more information.

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