Forward Lookers Federated Club celebrates 26th Heritage Luncheon

Forward Lookers Federated Club

Foremost club that fosters cultural, social and community growth

By Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob

Often questions like: how did and do African Americans survive and succeed despite the manifold adversities they encounter? How did they and do cope with the travesties of slavery, discrimination, segregation and colonization that crippled many people of African heritage for centuries?

Forward Lookers

Federated Club

Although no clear-cut answers explain the doubts that the issues raise, one suggestion analysts often proffer is that African American community groups such as the Masons, Eastern Stars, Elks and several other associations, partly assisted and still empower them forge ahead.

One of these clubs, based in Mississippi,  is Forward Lookers Federated Club, an association of distinguished women who foster social, cultural, economic and individual development.

Heritage Celebration

On Saturday, February, 4 2012 as they have done with remarkable splendor for the past 26 years, the dynamic Forward Lookers Federated Club members converged at the gorgeous Jackson’s State Student Center, where they celebrated their anniversary with prayers, food, music and dignity. The theme was: “Claiming our Legacy Through Leadership and Service.”

The hall, which was jammed to capacity with elegantly dressed families, friends and admirers saw, heard and witnessed what these marvelous ladies accomplish. Dressed in sky red outfits, they told their inspiring  story, re-stated their purpose, honored distinguished community leaders, awarded scholarships to exceptional students and provided inspirational words to all present.


Other highlights included songs, greetings from Jackson State President, Dr. Myers as well as representatives of the other two female African American Presidents, prayers by Rev. Dr. Michael T. Williams and songs from Carolyn D. Coleman.  Honorees at the occasion included: the president, Jackson State University, Dr. Carolyn W. Meyers; the president, Tougaloo College, Dr. Beverly W. Hogan and the president, Mississippi Valley State University, Dr. Donna Oliver. Ms. Alice Thomas Tisdale, the editor and publisher of the Jackson Advocate also received an award for her myriad services to the community and the world.

Award Winners

Forward Lookers Federated Club came into being in 1972 under the auspices of late Mrs. Clara Jackson and Dr. Jessie B. Mosley. The club is currently led by the dynamic and articulate Carol Jackson Cooper.


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