Tisdale’s Topics:Oh, you generation of vipers! They shoot traitors, don’t they?

Reprint: July 7-13, 2005

In the crescendo of joy over the election of new Jackson mayor Mayor Frank Melton to office, Jackson’s 73% black population forgot about the duplicity of black race politicians such as Ward 2’s Leslie McLemore and Ward 6’s Marshand Crisler. Those two crooks should never be permitted to debate principled issues in a society of decent men. They are bought and paid for! These two are so crooked that they meet themselves coming in the out door daily! Not only did Crisler serve out his first elective term getting paid a quadruple city council salary while “serving” in Iraq, but no one knows what compensation Crisler received as his rightful due. Moreover, Crisler received salaries from two different segments of government, administrative and legislative, at the same time which is against the Mississippi Constitution! He should, of course, be forced from office. He is simply a slave driver for his slave master, Sheriff Malcolm McMillan. Only Negroes in Mississippi would sit idly by and let two whites control the city where blacks are the overwhelming majority! The Justice Department said in 1992 that Wards 2 and 7 should be merged into one ward. This is a compendium of cowardice that’s inexcusable! Crisler and McLemore must go next term. McLemore admits he took $67,000 from Kane Ditto during his first race for city council. I dare him to publicly deny it! Moreover, McLemore’s wife, the former Betty Mallette, a one time assistant city attorney, once defended Socrates Garrett’s illegal bid for the city’s legal notices, because his was a free newspaper prohibited by law from being the city’s legal newspaper. Mallette/McLemore continues to do business with the city of Jackson as a member of a local law firm. She is also the assistant city attorney, who introduced measures to fund Capital Center Inc.

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