Tisdale’s Topics: Please hurry mayor’s race

Reprint July 24-30, 2003

Some for the pleasures Of this world And others sigh for Prophets paradise to come. Oh take the cash, And let the credit go. Nor heed the rumbling Of the distant drums! Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam It seems whenever black people get in position to exercise power, they screw that opportunity up. In Gary, in Jersey City and other cities where overwhelming black majorities have created the opportunity for genuine black power and self-government this has occurred. Now, in Jackson, its “first black mayor”, has permitted the same Dixiecrats that ruled the capital city and waved Confederate flags here in the past to control the city to maintain their old control in the present. In fact, Leland Speed, the son of a former Jackson mayor has instituted various areas of control, both cooperate and private, to maintain the old white control in this 73% black city. First, with Capital Center, a pseudo-eleemosynary cooperation, he intimidated city elected officials to the degree that city government became a farce, a paper tiger. Then using Capital Center as the tool, Leland Speed has acquired more than 44% of Jackson’s commercial real estate. Using his economic clout to shield his skullduggery, Speed has also assumed control of the capital sources at Jackson State University, an ostensibly black university. We must elect men, not boys, to head majority black institutions. It’s getting to the point where crookedness and thievery is coming to the fore here as they have in other parts of the country.

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