Anti- LaRouche campaign growing

Lyndon LaRouche

JANS – Lyndon LaRouche the ultra-right cult leader and convicted felon who poses as a “Democrat,” has shown his bigotry once again–this time on the June 8th LPAC Weekly Report, a webcast sponsored by the LaRouche Political Action Committee.

The show was a panel discussion moderated by John Hoefle, senior economist of LaRouche’s weekly newsmagazine, Executive Intelligence Review, and included LaRouche himself speaking from a studio in Germany. At the end of the program, LaRouche suddenly asked, “Where does a chimpanzee go to vote in the U.S. elections?” Hoefle, apparently already knowing the answer, replied “I think it’s the White House.” LaRouche was then shown beaming and chortling.

The video clip is available, along with commentary from LaRouche critics, at Critics say time for the NAACP and other civil rights organizations to speak out against the hate rhetoric of LaRouche’s cult and its use of deceptive come-ons and ‘ego-stripping’ indoctrination methods to recruit and exploit young people of all races.