Policing in America: Time for Repair or Reform

By Dr. Anne T. Sulton, Esq. JA Senior International Correspondent Chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I can’t breathe,” tens of thousands across the USA recently have joined the clarion call to change police practices relating to the use of force. Claiming “the system is broken,” many argue American policing needs “repair”. However, almost unnoticed […]

Marcus Wallace asking for Hinds County officials to be on hand for Tuesday’s mayoral runoff in Edwards

By Alice Thomas-Tisdale Jackson Advocate Publisher Edwards, MS is a small town of around 1,050 residents. However, there’s something big at stake — Tuesday’s mayoral runoff election — that might get eyed by Hinds County Board of Supervisors and the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department. Challenger Marcus Wallace has publicly requested their presence to ensure the […]

$10000 Cash Reward Offered

Sulton Law Offices is offering a $10,000 cash reward for information leading to the identification, arrest and criminal conviction of persons viciously assaulting Antoinette Martin at the Colorado Convention Center on December 31, 2012. Ms. Martin was attending the “Decadence New Year’s Eve 2012” event co-promoted by AEG Live and Triad Dragons Entertainment. This was […]

Two African American parents spoke to the United Nations

By Pelvo White Jr. Jackson Advocate Contributing Writer The African American’s quest for freedom is still ongoing. This great work is still unfinished.  The Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are still not applied equally between black and white Americans in many of the courts in our land. African Americans are not […]

AviationEd Expo–2014–Philadelphia

AviationEd,Inc., based in Manassas, Virginia, is holding an Aviation Expo in celebration of the House of Umoja’s 46th anniversary.   The event is being held on October 25 at the JetCenter, located at the North Philadelphia Airport. One hundred students from at least four Philadelphia schools are expected to attend.  Among the Philadelphia-area schools that will […]


On August 28, 2014, a lawsuit was filed against Ferguson, Missouri and several of its police officers. The lawsuit describes the alleged mistreatment of residents by Ferguson police. A complete copy of the 28-page lawsuit can be found by clicking here.



In response to the frequent violent confrontations between residents and police, which too often result in residents’ deaths by police shootings, choke holds, and other excessive use of force, Washington, DC criminal defense attorney Patrice Amandla Sulton is circulating a petition through “The DC Police Project”. This petition is located at tinyurl.com/dcpoliceproject According to attorney […]



THE UNVARNISHED TRUTH: Sociologist, Rommel W. Benjamin, Speaks Out On Mayor’s Race, Racism and Myths

Some recent events in the State of Mississippi have forced attention on the critical need for citizens to exercise rational logical thinking: The rush for candidacy into the Jackson Mayor’s Race, the vandalism of the statue of James Meredith at the University of Mississippi and the electorate (voters) being faced with making political decisions based […]

HCC Utica Campus donates to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital

Jamessia Davis, beer known as “Peaches”, is a 10-year old who has been baling Ewing's Sarcoma (a rare form of bone cancer) for the past 6 months or so. She is a member of Greater New Hamilton Grove Baptist Church in Raymond, MS. Jamessia received two wigs and one cap that was donated to Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital by Hinds Community College, Utica Campus.
The Make-A-Wish Foundaon recently granted Jamessia's most heart-felt wish, an iPad. Jamessia also received a shopping spree. Her first stop was Justice, a clothing store for young girls.
Other stores Jamessia shopped included Best Buy, Toys R Us, Hibbe Sports, and Wal-Mart.
“Jamessia's cancer has been upgraded to Stage 4, but she is a true fighter, full of courage and inspiraon,” said Kris Johnson, HCC Uca Campus cosmetology student and Jamessia’s church member. “Jamessia’s favorite
saying is, ‘By His stripes I AM healed!’”

JANS – “When I came to the Utica Campus as a student in 1984, it was known for helping others and community service,” said Hinds Community College, Utica Campus cosmetology instructor Ouida Theriot. “We are simply continuing that legacy.” Approximately 30 freshmen and sophomore Utica Campus cosmetology students wanted to do something to help the cancer patients at Blair E. Batson Children’s Hospital in Jackson. So, […]