Christ Missionary & Industrial School

Christ Missionary and Industrial College (CM&I) was founded in 1897. A standing commitment of The Church of Christ (Holiness) USA, the educational facility has been in continuous operation for 115 years and is the oldest high school in Jackson, Mississippi serving African-American children. Our rich heritage and ongoing educational success is a result of our commitment to Christian principles and the faithful pursuit of excellence.


The mission of CM&I is to teach and train students, along with parental guidance, academically and spiritually, to become productive citizens who serve God by living a Christian life as demonstrated by their actions, words and lifestyles. We believe we reach the total child by teaching a prescribed curriculum integrated with biblical concepts.The Word of God is taught to every child, every day, every way.


Willing workers, like-minded souls, Crusaders all, please join us in the struggle for the hearts and minds, the very lives, of our children.


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Summer Sessions

June-July, 2012 and the

2012-2013 School Session


CM&I offers a Christ-centered educational program which focuses on biblical integrated concepts based on the Holy Bible. We offer Day Care, Elementary and High School curriculum. Additional activities are available in Drama, Sports, Bible Club, Science Club, Praise Teams, Mentoring Groups and the Drum Line.


2012 Summer School and 2012-2013 School Year registration forms are available at CM&I, located at 3910 Main Street, Jackson, MS. For additional information, call Dr. Mary Seay, Head Master, or Sacheem Stamps, Counselor, at 601-366-6413 or 601-954-1778.



“You may give gifts without caring, but you can’t care without giving.”

Frank A. Clark