Gallery of Scott Sisters release

Clarence and Gloria Bolls, owners of Gloria's Kitchen center, in dark T-shirts, and Donnie Finley continue to show their full support for the sisters during a pre-press conference at Jackson NAACP headquarters

Jamie and Gladys enjoy a light moment with Ben Jealous and Jone Maati Primm

The Scott sister were greeted by Juanita Blackmon and Jone Maati Primm, along with another supporter

Jamie and Gladys Scott share first hour of freedom with NAACP National President/CEO Ben Jealous (center left), Jone Maati Primm (rear), Attorney Jaribu Hill and Attorney of record Chokwe Lumumba

Scott Sister, seated at table, await questions from world press as their attorney Chokwe Lumumba summarizes the case and their summarizes the case and their release earlier the same day. Standing next to Lumumba are Attorney Jaribu Hill, left, NAACP National President and CEO Ben Jealous and Mississippi NAACP President Derrick Johnson, in dark suit.