Hoop Dreams: Malik Newman’s Summer Vacation, Part III

Writer: Travis Gordon Editor: by Veair Green
You know the name by now. Malik Newman has garnered national attention for his basketball skills. The 6’3” combo guard from Callaway High School in Jackson, MS, has averaged nearly 23 PPG and 5 RPG during his freshman season. The super freshman led the Chargers to the 5A state championship. I have been able to do what many high school coaches couldn’t do. Slow him down for just a few minutes.
The MaxPreps Freshman of the Year and No. 4 ranked player on the 2015 ESPN 25 has agreed to sit with “A Good Sports Hang” to give us a summer basketball diary. The ESPN HS Freshman of the Year has sat down with yours truly throughout to talk about many topics. In Malik’s third entry, we discussed his injured ankle and his participation in the Reebok Breakout Challenge in Philadelphia, PA.
Without further adieu here’s Part 3 of Malik Newman’s Summer Vacation from July 12th:
Travis: Let’s go ahead and start with my favorite topic that I like to mess with you about, the NBA.
Malik: Oh Lord
Travis: You are going to have to go ahead and grin and bear with this one it. So Miami is the champion. They just signed Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Who are your favorites right now for next year? Give me your 2012-13 predictions right now based on what you’ve seen in free agency.
Malik: Miami
Travis: Who do you have for number two?
Malik: I’ve got the Lakers.
Travis: Do you like the signing of Steve Nash?
Malik: Yes sir, I like it.
Travis: You know what, I like it offensively, but I just don’t know how I feel about them defensively. Steve Nash has never been mistaken for a good defensive player and that’s what killed the Lakers this season. Russell Westbrook just had a field day and I don’t think Steve Nash helps one bit. But I think he’s going to help them offensively though, so I can see that. So you think it’s going to be Miami and the Lakers next year in the finals?
Malik: Yes sir.
Travis: Everybody wants to know about the injury, how’s the ankle?
Malik: It’s doing well, I’m sitting here icing it now as we talk.
Travis: What percent would you give it?
Malik: It’s about 85%.
Travis: Are you going all out or do they still have you going half speed?
Malik: No sir, I’m going all out. As a matter of fact, I just left a game.
Travis: Are you doing skill work in the morning and playing in the afternoon or do you just play all day?
Malik:  We do skill work in the morning but this is going to be our last day doing it. Tomorrow, we’re just going to play.
Travis: What kind of skill work?
Malik: Today we just worked on screens and rolls.
Travis: Typically, when you go to elite camps they bring in some high profile players. Have they brought anyone in?
Malik: They said John Wall and Isaiah Thomas might come in and Jason Terry was here today.
Travis: Did Jason Terry do any hands on training with you guys, or give you any pointers?
Malik: No sir, he was actually working out himself.
Travis: Usually there’s a tradition at the skills camp where the high profile players come in  and play against you. Are you looking forward to possibly matching up against a guy like John Wall to see where your skills are?
Malik: Yes sir, anytime I can do that it shows me what I need to work on.
Travis: Whom do you try and emulate the most from the NBA?
Malik: Derrick Rose!
Travis: What do you have in common with the Bulls superstar?
Malik: Energy! He is more athletic than I am, but we also get to the basket.
That’s it for this edition of Malik Newman’s Summer Vacation, catch us next time!
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