Jacob J. Cuzdey: Still Serving His Nation

Jacob J. Cuzdey

Today, Americans pause to honor their military veterans and thank them for their service.

It is a national holiday in the USA. Banks, schools, post offices, and most other government offices are closed. Millions are given the day off from work.

Among these veterans we honor on this day is former Marine Jacob J. Cuzdey.

Like many veterans on this day, Jacob and Lori are beginning to plan for the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays – they have four small children.

Jacob hopes in the New Year he will spend fewer sleepless nights worrying about the millions of veterans now looking for jobs paying a living wage, currently searching in vain for a welcoming homeless shelter able to provide a soft pillow on which to rest their weary heads, and desperately seeking urgently needed mental health services.

During the past six years, Jacob has worked tirelessly – extending a hand up to fellow veterans. Despite seemingly insurmountable odds, he has helped more than 1,000 veterans locate jobs, safe shelter, and warm meals.
Currently, Jacob is building a business able to generate the money needed to create a portal through which those veterans in greatest need can enter and receive a comprehensive set of supportive self-help services. Not a hand out, but a hand up.

Jacob is the president and founder of Cuz-D Industries Incorporated. This private company is in the process of launching the “straight flush saw”. It is a saw with a revolutionary design. This one saw replaces six different tools commonly used in the construction industry, resulting in a reduction of labor time and material waste. Jacob designed this saw.

During an exclusive interview, when asked what can other private sector entrepreneurs do today and every day to help veterans, Jacob said: “Private businesses can: 1) hire veterans – give them preference when job vacancies are being filled; 2) financially support those organizations and agencies focusing on improving the quality of life experienced by our veterans; 3) provide veteran discounts on goods, services and housing; and 4) buy our saw.”

For additional information on this innovative saw, please visit www.straightflushsaw.com. For information on the work Jacob is doing with veterans, please visit: www.aveteranslife.com.

By Dr. Anne T. Sulton, Esq.
JA Senior International Correspondent