Laquan McDonald, Too Many Questions, Not Enough Answers.


More than a year ago, on October 20, 2014, 17 year old Laquan McDonald was shot 16 times, execution style by police officer, Jason Van Dyke.

Van Dyke was one of several officers responding to a call of a man breaking into cars and vandalism.

A video released on November 24, 2015, showed the incident as it unfolded. The video has been national news as protesters closed down the gold coast shopping area of Chicago in the past week.

Young and old people – of all races – marched in protest of the obvious cover up of this shooting and crucial evidence that kept the taxpaying citizens of Chicago in the dark and totally ignorant of the heinous crimes.

What protesters and others want to know is why did the Chicago police department, mayor Rahm Emanuel, and state attorney Anita Alvarez keep this information buried?

Video from a nearby Burger King restaurant was tampered with and erased. Who was responsible for this?
Why did the city pay $5 million to the family immediately following the brutal shooting?

Who saw the video before months of requests and law suits from reporters to release the videoon the ground of public information?

When will the grand jury finish their investigation and release the results to the public?

Will the chief of police, Garry McCarthy resign or be fired due to public pressure and lack of public confidence?Yes! He stepped down today.

And finally, will the mayor, Rahm Emanuel, be impeached by the citizens of Chicago?

As a father of two sons, this vicious act of unjustified violence against a 17 year old child is unconscionable. The city’s cover-up is unfathomable.

Our community is in shock. We want answers and vow to continue protesting until we get them.

On Thanksgiving Day, I had a guest who has been actively protesting and expressed his outrage of the whole cover up. If the city covered up this shooting incident for over a year, can you imagine what else is locked away in drawers, never to be released to the public.

The thought is frightening as to what is hidden away from us.

The protesters demand a new climate of transparency and a new culture of integrity. This corruption within the police department and city hall cannot continue.

I am so proud of the Chicagoans, including youth, speaking up and voicing our concerns for our collective future. We are demanding a change and collectively we just may see it happen.

By William Warren
Chicago Bureau Chief