Michael Lynche asks ‘Who’s Gonna Love You More’

By Brinda Fuller Willis, PhD

Jackson Advocate Contributing Writer

Michael Lynche, aka Big Mike, as he was known on Season 9 of American Idol, has just released his new self-entitled CD with some of the best R & B love songs on the market today. The new Michael Lynche CD was recorded on the Big 3 Records label in Florida, debuting twelve songs that have the touch and feel of an old Barry White album. Released on August 14, 2012, Lynche seems to have tapped into his own niche as a crooner of love that is refreshing from an artist so young and full of talent.

This guy can actually sing and carry a tune which is lacking on so many levels by so, so many artists on the scene now. According to Stachemedia representative Kelly Krueger in New York, Michael Lynche’s new CD has debuted at #29 on the Urban AC Radio charts and is featured in the current special edition of People Magazine. Krueger also states, “Lynche recently appeared on local TV shows in the Tampa and Orlando areas i.e., Good Day Tampa Bay, Good Day Orlando and Fox 40 AM in Jackson, Mississippi.”

Stachemedia reports Michael Lynche is currently on a radio promotional tour hitting NYC; Philly; DC; Atlantic City; NOLA; Jackson; Shreveport; Little Rock; West Palm Beach; Chattanooga; Augusta; Columbus, GA; and Charleston, SC. Additionally, Kruger states the theme of the CD is LOVE, infused with R & B, soul, pop and with a trace of vintage funk. The CD is co-written by Lynche along with producer, Jason Pennock Babyface, Michelle Williams, and Natasha Bedingfield. The incredible CD includes: “Crazy Gina”, “Sex”, “Intoxicated”, “This Woman’s Work”, “Who’s Gonna Love You More”, “Baby Boo”, “Speechless”, “Today”, “Love Is You”, “Somebody Save Me”, “Lover’s Symphony” and “Unstoppable”.

Biographical information reveals Michael Lynche’s life has been defined by love and second chances. The Florida native and devoted family man’s rise has been well-documented through his riveting appearance on American Idol. He was saved by the judges on Idol, giving him a second chance to continue through the prized competition. After wowing millions of fans on American Idol with his comforting, yet husky and powerful voice, performing throughout the U.S. as part of the American Idol Live tour, Michael has created his rich and lyrically inviting debut CD. The first single, “Who’s Gonna Love You More” impacted radio on May 21, 2012, with a #36 ranking on Billboard’s Adult R & B chart.

Giving music a second chance after an athletic run via a scholarship at the University of Central Florida, Michael left his hometown of St. Petersburg and moved to New York to pursue his dream of a career in music that included an audition on American Idol, which launched him into the music industry and now is a regular correspondent on Good Day New York for the American Idol re-cap segments and performed on GDNY last July. Visit Amazon and iTunes to get a copy of the hot new Michael Lynche CD!