Mother Goose Christian School: Much more than a nursery rhyme

“Earning the confidence of parents since 1981″

JANS – “We Build the Future One Child at a Time!” This is more than the motto of Mother Good Christian School. It’s a standing promise made more than 30 years ago in a six room house at 151 Green Avenue in Jackson, MS, by Lloyd and Earnestine (Bailey) Mason. The center was licensed for 26 children, ages 2 to 5 years old. The young couple decided to organize Mother Goose for the purpose of providing a conducive learning environment for their children and others after facing numerous challenges seeking affordable quality child care not readily available in their community in that era. Fortunately for the Masons, and their community, other parents were in the same race for what was then considered “specialty” child care services, which was ignited by new data on the connection between early childhood education and academic success. “Mother Goose was right on time to provide a quality child care environment where children were nurtured and interacted with in ways that promoted all areas of development,” commented Mrs. Mason. “Parents could focus on work knowing that their children were being cared for in a quality child care environment. This confidence in the school’s care created a win-win situation for everyone — parents, children and employers.” Mother Goose was also established to help increase opportunities for children to reach their full potentials with small class setting, individualized teaching, tutoring, teaching and re-teaching skills. “As a special education teacher in the early eighties, I observed firsthand how crucial it was for children to enter school ‘ready to learn’. I began working with my child and her friend in the evenings. While working with many special needs children back in my classroom, I was able to pinpoint a reason for so many children being placed in special education classes,” she said. Mrs. Mason found that many of the children did not have quality child care training before entering school. “Unfortunately, some of them were ‘mislabeled’ and placed in special classes. We organized Mother Goose to help provide services for those children who needed more opportunities to succeed.” Mother Goose’s curriculum and teaching styles were designed to identify where the children were academically upon entrance into the program. The staff worked from there to help them reach their full potential. Mother Goose’s program was designed to educate the struggling child on their grade level, and also work with gifted children to not become ordinary. For the past three decades, Mother Goose has literally helped thousands of children to obtain success in the classroom. Today, its graduates are products of positive thinking and have career paths in both traditional and nontraditional fields of endeavor. Some of their children have achieved “firsts” in numerous areas, including being the first minority valedictorian and the first homecoming queen at predominately white schools. Other successes include: Students who scored two points from a perfect score on their ACT, four points from a perfect score on a test in which seniors can take only one time, recipient of 10 scholarships as a high school graduate and 10 scholarships as a college graduate to law school, principal list students, from 1st through 12th grade, top of the class, high honor roll and honor roll. Many former students are selected each year as salutatorians and valedictorians at their schools. A vast number of Mother Goose’s former students hold positions in life which are helping to shape the future: attorneys, doctors, city officials, child care owners, and directors, administrators, bankers, teachers, secretaries, business owners and more. “Parents as well as students are our best testament. They readily credit Mother Goose’s unique curriculums, teaching tips, concern, and dedication for the academic success of their children,” Mr. Mason said. Proof of its success is also recognized in the larger community. Mother Goose is continuously meeting the educational needs of children from numerous locations in Jackson and surrounding areas: Bailey Avenue, Nakoma Drive, Northside Drive, Ridgeland, and Pearl. Mother Goose organized the first private child care center in the town of Vaiden, MS, which has received high marks in this rural community. Mother Goose is currently located at 6543 Watkins Drive and 1052 Ridgewood Place in Jackson, MS. Mother Goose serves children from 6 weeks to seven years. The staff utilizes the Mississippi Early Learning Guidelines and the Common Core Curriculum. Mother Goose’s goals and objectives are aligned with the state and national education goals and objectives. The 30th anniversary celebration will be held at Holmes Hall on the campus of Tougaloo College on Saturday, June 30, at 4 p.m. All are invited to help us celebrate this milestone.