Paying Passenger Brutally Forced from United Airlines Flight

While covering stories for the Jackson Advocate, I have traveled across the USA and around the globe, frequently on United Airlines flights. According to my most recent United Mileage Plus statement, I have travelled 127,568 miles on United Airlines flights. But no more.

Below is a picture of my United Mileage Plus Member Card. That’s right, I cut it up. I am through with United Airlines – done!


I will not travel on another United Airlines flight because doing so would remind me of the utterly disgusting manner in which an elderly passenger was treated on Sunday and the letter United’s CEO reportedly sent on Monday.

I encourage our readers to click on this link
or this link

or any of the other websites with videos capturing images recording what happened. See for yourself the shocking videos showing an elderly man being forcefully dragged,like he was a sack of dirty potatoes,from a United plane.

Reportedly, this elderly man’s name was among the four randomly selected passengers asked to deplane to make room for four United employees needing an airplane ride to work. The elderly man reportedly said he was a doctor and needed to see his patients. He was trying to stay in the plane seat for which he had paid.

Three burly security officers encircled him,forcefully yanked him from his seat, and while he was on his back they grabbed him by his arms and dragged him off the plane like he was a just-captured hunted dangerous fugitive.

The elderly man was injured. Some videos show blood running down his face.

Adding insult to injury, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz reportedly issued a letter, which appears to blame the elderly passenger and applaud how this incident was handled by United employees and the airport security officers. Munoz reportedly stated that United’s investigation found the man was “disruptive and belligerent” and “I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.”

Well, if that’s how you fly, I am not flying with you.

Dr. Anne T. Sulton, Esq.
JA Senior International Correspondent