Tisdale’s Topics: No Power

Reprint September 23-29, 2004

There is a peculiar ambiance to downtown Jackson that defies explanation; it is that this city, which is over 73% black, has no reflection of its black majority in its wealth control or power. Looking from the outside one might easily believe that they were in Rome or Athens, Greece or some other all white city. Although the vast majority of its downtown dwellings house African Americans they seem to have no power! The black inhabitants are nearly invisible persons in economic terms! For example, last week a young African American woman was attacked from behind by a white co-worker without warning at a local Comfort Inn. The white co-worker was not arrested or reprimanded by police authorities or the employers but the black employee was sentenced to 17 years in jail! Moreover, Judge Yerger’s brother, Wirt Yerger, a metropolitan civic leader and head of the Metropolitan Crime Commission, drove blacks from the RepublicanParty as a Goldwater party leader.