Tisdale’s Topics: The more things change!

Reprint June 21-27, 2005

I sent my soul through The invisible, Some letter of that after-life To spell. By and by it returned to Me and said, ‘I, myself, am heaven and hell!’ For if the wine you sip, The lips you press Ends in what all ends in — yes, Think that today you are What yesterday you were — Tomorrow you will not be Less! The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam There are many other sayings that arrive at the same conclusion as the above. One of them: “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a brave man but once!” That, of course, is the eternal dilemma of black men in America. Who will be the courageous mouse who bells the cat at the sacrifice of his own life so that the other mice will know when the cat approaches, thus saving countless lives? That is a problem that has confronted black people in freedom and slavery. Of course belling the cat in today’s society would mean voting out of office the traitorous Leslie McLemores and Marshand Crislers. Black traitors increase and proliferate in our faces while we hi-five them in public places. We reward them by giving them places of honor at our public institutions like Jackson State. It’s a shame that those in power at Jackson State and at the state’s other public troughs didn’t send these Toming scoundrels on their merry — but less penurious — ways! It’s probably alright to have these individuals corrupt their own kids but not all black children! Those who can’t do, teach!