Tisdale’s Topics:Speak now or forever …

Reprint July 10-16, 2003

Speak now or forever …

Census figures in 1990 showed that blacks in Jackson, Mississippi for that year enjoyed an annual income of 1.9 billion dollars, a startling statistic considering the usual poverty stricken image of the average Jackson black resident. In fact, 73% black, Jackson describes itself as “The Capital of the Deep South”. The Mayoral Administration is playing a dangerous game of compromise with virulent white racists here in this city run by Jackson land grabber Leland Speed.

Not only has Speed seized control of 44% of Jackson’s commercial property, but influences the commercial laws in the city while Jackson withers on the vine. Many of them on Hamilton and Farish, for instance, have disappeared completely from the face of the earth! As important as commercial development is, it must remain in the hands of this city’s elected officials, not white Klan-type organizations designed to rob blacks of their citizenship and heritage.

Instead, the Mayor of Jackson has so far vainly sought to enlist the black hoy polloy, the black nigerrali elitists who blend well with Leland Speed type whites. This is the same environment that persisted before the end of slavery and the beginning of Martin Luther King’s civil rights movement in 1957. Large compendiums of blacks sold themselves to the highest bidder, enriching themselves and their families. The black community has not worked out a punishment method for those who sell them out to the highest bidder! We must, if we are to survive and persist. That means the biggest snakes to the smallest!

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