Atmos Energy says emails are bogus bills leading to spam

JANS – Atmos Energy Corporation says beware of a widespread email scam which portrays a bogus bill from Atmos Energy. The emails have been sent to Atmos  Energy customers as well as people who are not customers throughout the United States. “The fraudulent billing message references a fake account number and contains links to spam,” said Jennifer Ryan, Atmos Energy Media Relations Director. “The email provides links to view your bill but if the recipient clicks on the link it takes them to a compromised website that harbors malware. We are asking anyone who receives this email to delete it immediately and do not click on any links.” Ryan also says if you are an

Atmos Energy customer who receives this email and the account number displayed in the email does not match your Atmos Energy account number or the email appears suspicious, please do not click on any hyperlinks. Instead, visit and log into your account to review your statements.

If you have any questions regarding this scam, contact Atmos Energy toll-free at 1- 888-286-6700.