Dr. Ben Carson Endorsed

Endorsement In GOP Primary: Select Carson



Among the candidates vying to become the Republicans’ presidential nominee, we encourage our Republican neighbors to vote for Dr. Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson’s performance during the debate, on February 25, 2016, convinced us that he is the best the GOP has to offer this year.

During the debate, Dr. Carson was cool, calm, and collected. He was thoughtful, humble and graceful.

Dr. Carson focused on his policy proposals. He said: “We need policies that give liberty and justice to all people. … Real compassion is providing people with a ladder of opportunity to climb up from a state of dependence and become part of the fabric of America.”

We agree with portions of several of his policy proposals. Among these are his proposals to streamline the student loan process, encourage innovation in education, and reform government to ensure transparency and accountability.

We also are impressed by his acknowledgment of the important role Congress plays in fashioning laws. On his website, his written policy proposals repeatedly state that he will present Congress with proposed legislation.

Perhaps of greatest importance, Dr. Carson is the only Republican candidate appearing willing to listen to, and discuss in a civil manner, opposing viewpoints. This suggests he is open-minded, willing to consider competing interests and ideas, and potentially capable of being a leader.