Beverly Christian Smith Homegoing Gathering


Marilyn Parks (seated center), Beverly’s only sibling, is surrounded by Thomas and Smith family members as Beverly’s life is celebrated.

Beverly Christian Smith: Missed But Not Lost

Kenosha, Wisconsin: Emerging from this beautiful “Homegoing Gathering for Beverly Christian Smith” was the theme that we did not lose Beverly …we know where she is and she is in heaven. Beverly is dearly missed, but not lost.

On April 24, scores of relatives and friends assembled at the Heritage Baptist Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin to celebrate Beverly’s life and the 68 years she spent positively impacting everyone with whom she interacted.

The gathering’s tone was consistent with the life well lived by Beverly. It was warm, gentle, dignified, and elegant.

Note: Beverly is the cousin of JA publisher Alice Tisdale.

By: Anne T. Sulton, Ph.D., J.D.
JA Senior International Correspondent