Grateful leadership and diversity

Acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratefulness all form part of the model of leadership, and are key components of inclusion. It has been reported that when leaders take the time to recognize all employees on a regular basis – focusing on behaviors they want to reinforce – rather than singling out certain individuals or groups at scheduled […]

Dr. Quinn – The People’s Doctor

“I caused my husband to not want me anymore.” As a family practice physician, I fulfill many roles for my patients. Perceived traditional medicine includes coughs, colds, and chronic illnesses including hypertension and diabetes. My reality of practicing family medicine in my home state of Mississippi with a majority African American patient roster includes treating […]

Be proactive in your health

“I did not want to know!” While in a local Walmart one year ago, I turned around as a lady tapped me on the back. The lady, with Dr. Quinn tears in her eyes, told me that I had saved her life. Confused, I asked her what I had done. I remember thinking as hard as […]

Dr. Quinn Thanks Congressman Bennie G. Thompson for Recognition

U. S. Congressman Bennie Thompson Recognizes Dr. Timothy Quinn with Proclamation

Business leadership points for small minority owned business

Small minority owned businesses’ success is determined, in part, by understanding and applying the following business leadership points. Essentially, when a business owner understands who he or she is as a business person, what his or her business is, what the business market is, and what this market needs from the business, then this owner […]

Beverly Christian Smith Homegoing Gathering

Marilyn Parks (seated center), Beverly’s only sibling, is surrounded by Thomas and Smith family members as Beverly’s life is celebrated. Beverly Christian Smith: Missed But Not Lost Kenosha, Wisconsin: Emerging from this beautiful “Homegoing Gathering for Beverly Christian Smith” was the theme that we did not lose Beverly …we know where she is and she […]

Air Traffic Control Job

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) announced the opening of a hiring window to begin recruiting 1,400 new air traffic controllers for tower, TRACON and enroute center positions all around the United States. The window officially opened July 7, and will remain open only until next Friday, July 14. The vacancy — officially called Air Traffic […]

Mendapatkan Banyak Uang melalui Judi Bola

Semua orang tahu bahwa sepakbola adalah olahraga terbesar di planet ini. Ini juga termasuk yang paling menguntungkan. Pemain mendapat gaji yang hanya bisa kita impikan, klub menarik banyak tawaran sponsor jutaan dolar dan siaran TV serta hak streaming online bernilai jutaan. Ini mungkin memberi penggemar sepakbola giat berhenti berpikir. Apakah kita ada di sana untuk […]

Bandarq online pandai dimainkan termin santai

Q judi online bandarq mahir dimainkan di periode mengabaikan – Siapa yang enggak kenal sehubungan tontonan judi bandarq online yang maktub seperti pementasan judi paling tenar merapai masa ini. tontonan judi bandarq ini semacamitu berajojing lalu banter digemari oleh para pegawai judi online bandarq di internet, lebih-lebih cuma berdasarkan iseng bergerak aja kamu dapat melakonkan […]