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Anne Sulton and Li JiaoAnne Sulton and Li Jiao

black chickenBlack chicken

fish head dishFish head dish

By Dr. Anne T. Sulton, Esq.
JA Senior International Correspondent

China: While traveling to see China’s Yellow River this past weekend, I stopped by the Bai Yun Restaurant located in Heyang County, Shaanxi Province. Bai Yun means white cloud.

I was escorted by Ms. Li Jiao to a spacious private dining suite furnished with leather furniture and a glittering glass chandelier. This marvelous suite included private restrooms for customers’ convenience.

The large menu was filled with brilliantly colored photos accurately depicting each exquisite dish offered. Among these are fish heads and black chicken – the skin and meat are black. I did not venture that far, but I did eat many vegetables unknown to me.

The food presentation was elegant. The smells and tastes were amazing. The unique blends of spices were delicately mixed with all of the food items, each item having its own delicious flavors.

This was a wonderful dining experience. I highly recommend Bai Yun for those seeking to experience some of China’s best cuisine.