I Got The Power: Week 6 AFC Power Rankings, AGSH Style


What do I remember about this week in the AFC? Let’s start with one of my biggest pet peeves in sports…ties. Bengals didn’t win or lose versus the Panthers and the game ended 37-37. I hate the rule, let’s get rid of it FOR—EVER, FOR—EVER. Man up and play a sudden death overtime period.  When I hear the word tie I have bad flashbacks of Bud Selig circa 2002, but I digress.

Something else that sticks out to me is a team that took yet another defeat. The Raiders impressed me how they came off the bye week, played tough and really took it to the Chargers despite the loss.

So how does these games effect the AFC Power Rankings? Check it out with the help of our good friends at Numberfire.


16.  Jaguars (0-6) Well did you expect any other team to fill this spot? The Jags have it on lock..

15.  Jets (1-5)

14.  Raiders (0-5)

13.   Titans (2-4)

12.  Dolphins (2-3)

11.  Bills (3-3) Out with EJ Manuel and in with Kyle Orton. But was it the right move? Our friends at Numberfire let you know.

10.  Chiefs (2-3)

9.  Steelers (3-3) Our friends at Numberfire give you the numbers behind who’s to blame for the Steelers’ slow start.

8.  Texans (3-3)

7.   Browns (3-2)

6.   Bengals (3-1-1) In one of the most intriguing stats of the season, there were only two drives in the first quarter of this OT thriller. That has only happened twice since 2000.

Our friends at Numberfire let you know what happened to that once-elite Bengals defense.

5.  Patriots (4-2)

4.  Colts (4-2)

3.  Ravens (4-2)

2.   Chargers (5-1)

1.   Broncos (4-1)  After scoring a touchdown versus the Jets, Julius Thomas yelled in the camera, “It’s so easy, it’s so easy!” Our friends at Numberfire break down how easy it has been in 2014 for the touchdown tyrant Thomas.