I Got The Power: Week 6 NFC Power Rankings AGSH Style

kbbchyk4What an eventful week in the NFC!  Just when we all thought the Giants were turning the corner, huh?  Yeah, well…not so much.  And a tie…the Panthers/Bengals ended in a tie.  And did the Cowboys steal the win in Seattle?  Only if Joseph Randle had something to say about it.  So, without much further ado….The Week 6 Rankings:

16.  Tampa Bay (1-5) Umm….Joe Flacco  put up 5 touchdowns in like the first 60 seconds.  We can’t have that.  Do you guys even football??

15.  Washington (1-5)  I put this team at 15, despite having a 4 game loosing skid.  They at least show some life in games…for the most part.

14.   New York (3-3) They got shelled in Philly. Cruz is out.  Their O-Line is like Swiss cheese.  Not looking too great for this team right now.

13.   St. Louis (1-4)

12.  Atlanta (2-4)

11.  Minnesota (2-4)

10.  New Orleans (2-3)  Just when we thought they may turn it around, there goes Jimmy Graham.

9.  Chicago (3-3)

8.  Carolina (3-3)

7.  San Francisco (4-2)

6.  Green Bay (4-2)

5.  Detroit (4-2)  Have new kicker….Still went 1 for 3.

4.  Seattle (3-2)

3.  Arizona (4-2) This team is just outchea getting it done.  Sitting on top of the NFC West.

2.   Philadelphia (5-1)

1.  Dallas (5-1)  I mean, we’re all talking about it still.  Is it time to just tip your hat to Dallas now?  I’m thinking yeah.  But I’m gonna be honest….December is still out there.

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