Let’s Buy Black: Inside the #BuyBlack Campaign

With the holidays approaching we all maybe wondering what to get for that special someone, butthe question is, where should we shop to get it? To help you out, Facebook launched a #BuyBlackCampaign, which was a month-long program to spotlight the biggest retail day of the year, but more importantly, it supportsBlack-owned businesses in Mississippi this holiday season. In the middle of a pandemic, Black businesses have been hit the hardest because these are the businesses that are closing at twice the rate of others, and that is why this campaign was launched, to spotlight all the black businesses not only in Mississippi but all over the world.

Beginning at the end of October through the holiday season, the #BuyBlackCampaign was created with the purpose of redirecting and encouraging people to buy black and support black owned businesses while they are out shopping during the holidays. This campaign comes at an important time becausewe have seen a record number of small black-owned businesses shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. In efforts to send more customers and recognition to the small black-owned businesses, Facebook wanted to start this campaign. A Facebook spokeswoman explained how this idea of #BuyBlackCampaign came about.

“In particularly, we know that black businesses are closing at twice the rate as any other business owner during the pandemic, so we, at Facebook, sat down and realized we wanted to do our part and help those businesses negatively impacted by Covid-19. This is how we came up with the #BuyBlackCampaign.”

There is a list of steps that you can follow to join and support the #BuyBlackCampaign. The steps include:

  • Use the #BuyBlackChallenge hashtag to tag your favorite Black-owned business on Facebook and automatically invite others to take the challenge via a footer on the post encouraging family and friends to “Try It” too. You can also post on Facebook Stories with the new #BuyBlack Stories Sticker.
  • Check out the #BuyBlack Friday Gift Guide, which showcases products from US Black-owned businesses across categories from beauty to home to fashion, to make it easy to #BuyBlack this season.
  • Go back and watch the #BuyBlack Friday Show from Facebook’s Lift Black Voices Hub and the Facebook App and Facebook Inc.

The #BuyBlack Friday show took place every Friday up until November 27{Black Friday} on the Facebook App. The show included professional guests (comedians and recording artists) and Black business owners who showed off their products. This gave Facebook the opportunity to promote and showcase the black business owners that use Facebook and Instagram. Art and fashion are just a few of the themes that the show consisted of, so they gave that specific guest or Black business owner the much needed time to promote and advertise their business. #BuyBlack Friday show episodes took place on:

  • October 30: Black Girl Magic
  • November 6: Good for the World
  • November 13: Gamechangers
  • November 20: The Black Diaspora
  • November 27: All Black Everything

When asked if Facebook is focused on all black businesses or specific ones, here is what the Facebook spokeswoman revealed. “We focus on all small business owners,and we actually kind of created the list from the gift guide and the program partnership with the US Black Chamberto help identify businesses from a number of different states.”

The Facebook #BuyBlack Friday Gift Guide includes:

  • 60 products curated in partnership with the US Black Chamber of Commerce; now available at about.facebook.com/gift guide. Unlike your typical gift guide, these products were brought to life live during the #BuyBlack Friday Show. Host Phoebe Robinson was joined by some business owners from the guide who shared their products with viewers for immediate purchase using Facebook’s new Live Shopping capabilities.

Facebook created this campaign to give Black-owned businesses the spotlight they deserve. During this Covid-19 pandemic, Black-owned businesses were affected just as much as other businesses, and that is why this is an important campaign. Giving a spotlight to Black-owned businesses is a main agenda with this whole campaign and being able to restore some business that were lost due to Covid-19 is a huge boost for these business owners. The #BuyBlack Campaign supports the efforts of black-owned businesses by flipping the script and giving these businesses an upper hand, especially with the holidays approaching. With the holidays amongst us, Facebook expects the #BuyBlack Campaign to make a huge impact on where consumers shop at. Let us continue to support Black-owned businesses this holiday.

By Jarius Smith
Jackson Advocate Intern

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