Melvin D. Hargrove: Well-Prepared and Best Qualified to Lead Racine, WI

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With his sleeves rolled up, this young man is ready to lead Racine, Wisconsin with exhilaratingly fresh ideas appropriately fitting for this 21st Century.

This Racine native’s experience is impressive. Before announcing his candidacy for mayor, Melvin D. Hargrove served for nearly two decades in the U. S. Army / Army Reserves.

For seven years he helped lead local educational initiatives as a member of the Racine Unified School District Board.
Hargrove is a member of the Racine City Police and Fire Commission, the Racine City Planning Commission, and the Executive Committee of the Racine County Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative.

Hargrove knows how small businesses operate and the challenges they face. As Senior Pastor of Zoe Outreach Ministries, he knows how to balance a budget, manage staff, and navigate the maze of government regulations.

Hargrove’s platform includes strengthening Racine’s economy using a multi-faceted approach which includes creating new jobs paying a living wage.

Recognizing that small businesses are the engine of our nation’s economy because they employ the majority of workers, Hargrove’s plan is designed to: a) ensure the local workforce has the educational background and skills necessary to meet employer needs by creating new partnerships between educational institutions and the business community; and b) support local businesses by streamlining the city permitting processes so that single points of contact within city government can more efficiently assist them in their job creation efforts.

Acknowledging that by the year 2050, the Milwaukee to Chicago corridor will likely be one big megalopolis, Hargrove’s campaign platform includes fortifying and expanding cooperative relationships with the surrounding municipalities of Caledonia, Mt. Pleasant, Sturtevant and others to ensure preservationof thesecommunities’ unique identities.

Aware that every city struggles with budgetary constraints, Hargrove’s plan also includes cross training of city employees, enabling every city employee to perform multiple functions. This will prevent layoffs of city employees even during the lean years, facilitating the uninterrupted flow of crucial city services.

Election Day is April 7, 2015. However, voters may cast their ballots early, beginning March 23 and through April 3, by going to Room 103 in the City Hall.

Racine deserves a leader possessing a clear vision for its future, and the talents and skills required to lead it there.

Vote for Melvin D. Hargrove for Mayor of Racine !

By Anne T. Sulton, Ph.D., J.D.
JA Senior International Correspondent