Mrs. Hillary Clinton Endorsed


Endorsement In DEM Primary: Choose Clinton

Assume you are driving from Jackson to Biloxi and your car tire becomes flat. Do you call someone able to describe the immense beauty of the Gulf shores you will experience upon your arrival? Or, do you call someone able to fix the flat tire so that you can continue your drive toward the Gulf shores? Essentially, this is the choice Democrats must make during next week’s primary in Mississippi.

We encourage you to call Hillary Clinton.

If our nation has a flat tire, Mrs. Clinton has the skills, experiences and vision to fix it.

Mrs. Clinton needs no introduction when she comes to our neighborhood. We know her and her work to improve the quality of life for all.

Since graduating from college decades ago, she consistently has used her education and talents to advocate for those causes most dear to all Americans. For example, when she could have worked anywhere with her Yale Law School degree, she decided her first job would be working with Marian Wright Edelman at the Children’s Defense Fund.

As President Obama’s Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton reportedly travelled 956,733 miles across the globe as she advanced America’s interests in 112 countries. She has represented us well on the world stage.

We encourage you to visit her website at There you will find details on how she plans to help Americans keep America the greatest nation on this planet.

Mrs. Clinton’s plans include achievable objectives and realistic goals. And, she explains how all Americans will contribute their fair share to pay the costs associated with accomplishing our objectives and reaching our goals.

For example, Mrs. Clinton’s plan for college education provides that “no student has to borrow to pay for tuition, books, or fees to attend a four-year public college in their state.” To pay for this plan, among the contributions all Americans must make are:

  • Students will do their part by contributing their earnings from working 10 hours a week.
  • Families will do their part by making an affordable and realistic family contribution.
  • States will maintain current levels of higher education funding and reinvest over time.
  • The Federal government will provide grants to States and create a $25 billion fund to support HBCUs, HSIs, and other MSIs serving a high percentage of Pell Grant recipients to help lower the cost of attendance and improve student outcomes at low-cost, modest-endowment nonprofit private schools.

Our best choice is clear – choose Hillary Clinton.