Tisdale’s Topics: When will we get it?

Reprint: May 27-June2 2004 The current fight in the legislature over tort reform shows clearly that the old legal axiom enunciated at the end of the last century holds true today as then: “The black man has no rights that the white man is bound to respect!” Hopefully, the black legislators most affected by the […]

Tisdale’s Topics:R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Reprint March 3, 2005 The greatest error black elected officials make is that they show little or no respect for those who chose them as their leaders in the first place. When they see you when they’re with their white friends, or pretended friends, they act as if they don’t know you. The singular exception […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Living black in Mississippi

Reprint: August 7 13 2003 Another Mississippi election day has come. This elect ion chose party candidates who will vie for victory in the Nov. 3 General Election pitting democrats against Republicans and Independents. For African Americans voting in this year’s ballot-ings, they may be enjoying their last voting in the sate. This sate will […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Slavery by another name

Reprint: March 14-20, 2002 Abraham Lincoln and C.C. HayeThe best friends the colored ever had!Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1864.C.C. Haye straightened their hair with Haypo!In every age in American history, in the land of the free, there has been a con game designed to deprive African Americans of their money and there liberty. […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Race matters

Reprint: Nov. 9-15, 2000 Mississippi has the largest percentage of African- American population in these United States. However despite the large population percentages the quality of life for black Americans in Mississippi continues to decline.The reasons are as simple as racial hatred. People are different. Despite that difference humans can respect each other for being […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Men among men

Reprint: August 31-September 6, 2000 Edward J. Meeman, the late great editor-publisher of the now defunct Memphis Press-Scimitar, had as his editorial page slogan, “This is true liberty when free men speak freely.”Meeman developed a stable of reporters who reflected Meeman’s own love for truth and justice. Among these reporters was Clark Porteus, whose book, […]

Tisdale’s Topics:None dare call it genocide

Reprint: February 17-23, 2000 During the last two years, more unexplained, but possibly racially motivated, incidents resulting in great bodily injury or death occurred in Mississippi than in any other state.From the body of one black man found hanging from a tree near Liberty early last year, which was called a “suicide” by state law […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Middle class:Move to the front of the struggle for justice and equality

Reprint April 27-May 3, 2000 Middle class:Move to the front of the struggle for justice and equality Adding insult to injury is nothing new for Jackson’s black middle class.Once its members have acquired a home in northeast Jackson, a Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes, Lexus or some other automobile of equal dimension, middle class Negroes—the black bourgeoisie—quickly disassociate themselves […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Where’s the real justice?

Reprint: August 17-23, 2000 If it was possible for racial conditions to get worse in Mississippi, there is little doubt that they would be.They state is confronted by rampant racial violence on the one hand and on the other, the summering privatization of the justice system that amounts to virtual slavery.Of the 19,000 prisoners in […]

Tisdale’s Topics:Majority doesn’t rule in Jackson

Reprint: July 6-12, 2000 I once read that Jackson’s African American population is among the top  academically trained in America. If that conjecture is true, Jackson blacks are certainly comprised of more educated black fools than any state-in the Union.Black majority rule has placed complete control of the city and country in the hands of […]