Statement from Jarvis Dortch on Hinds County “Gas for Guns” event

Statement from Jarvis Dortch, Democratic Candidate for Mississippi House District 66, on the cancellation of the Hinds County Sheriff’s “Gas for Guns” event.

On Saturday, I was looking forward to talking with voters – and meeting my second favorite ghostbuster, Dan Aykroyd – at the Hinds County Sheriff Office’s gun buy back event “Gas for Guns.”

“Gas for Guns” is a great idea and an opportunity to take dangerous weapons off the streets and reduce violent crime in Hinds County.

Unfortunately, the buy back event has been postponed because our Republican led legislature has chosen to meddle in local governing. In 2014, the Mississippi legislature passed House Bill 314, making the sheriff’s gun buy back program illegal.

My opponent in House District 66, Brad Oberhousen, voted with Republicans to pass House Bill 314. It was shortsighted and simply wrong for Oberhousen to support a bill that makes it harder for local law enforcement and elected officials to do their job.

Oberhousen has a strong record of voting against the interest of Hinds County and with Republican leaders. In just four years in office, Oberhousen has voted with Republicans to:

  • Pass Mississippi’s Voter ID legislation
  • Eliminate the Inventory Tax on Big Box out of state corporations like Wal-Mart.
  • Implement a 20 Week Abortion Ban in Mississippi. Even worse, he voted AGAINST an amendment to allow an exception in case of rape, incest or health of the mother.
  • Permanently allow payday lenders to charge up to 500% interest on loans to families just trying to make ends meet.

None of these laws have helped Hinds County citizens. Instead, Oberhousen has voted to make it harder for local officials to do their job, harder for citizens to cast their vote, harder for the state fund public education, harder for women to exercise their rights over their bodies, and harder for families to make ends meet.