Tisdale’s Topics:Majority doesn’t rule in Jackson

Reprint: July 6-12, 2000

I once read that Jackson’s African American population is among the top  academically trained in America. If that conjecture is true, Jackson blacks are certainly comprised of more educated black fools than any state-in the Union.Black majority rule has placed complete control of the city and country in the hands of a black ruling body completely undistinguished by its perspicacity.Not only is the thinking of Jackson’s black city council controlled by person who don’t live in Jackson but in nearby cities and counties with wealthy white majority populations.In fact, each morning Jackson’s streets are overwhelmed by suburbanites from nearby jurisdictions who gobble up Jackson’s jobs and pay no taxes here.Jackson’s native blacks earn one-third the salaries of the white ursurpers. In fact, Linda Taylor , who really runs the city’s fiscal affairs for black mayor Harvey Johnson and was the legal mind for white mayor Kane Ditto  who preceded Johnson in office continues to run things just as she did under Ditto despite several under-coating of blacks with prestigious titles, little power nor economic sense. Taylor lives in another county.Moreover, Jackson’s so called black majority city council continues to fork over millions of dollars to the all white Capital Center Inc,. which in turn tell the backs on the city council which law to pass, and what auxiliary powers Captial centers wants, whether the city’s captive black population agrees or not.As if Captial Center and its city paid auxiliary police force wasn’t enough, a tight control had evolved over certain police functions relating to drug traffickers that leaves young black drug pushers under the control of a selected group of Jackson police officers.Slavery by another name stinks as badly!