Tisdale’s Topics:None dare call it genocide

Reprint: February 17-23, 2000

During the last two years, more unexplained, but possibly racially motivated, incidents resulting in great bodily injury or death occurred in Mississippi than in any other state.From the body of one black man found hanging from a tree near Liberty early last year, which was called a “suicide” by state law enforcement officials, to the bizarre scene of the bodies of four young African American males found stacked on the floor of an abandoned West Jackson residence.That doesn’t count for four bodies found near Raymond last fall, some of which have still not been identified.Then there is the near dragging to death of a black Holly Springs man which occurred last year, and the reluctance of the Marshall County Sheriff, even under prodding from local civil rights groups, to investigate. The Marshall County Sheriff is also being pushed to look into the mysterious deaths of three other blacks persons whose bodies have been discovered there in recent months. The sheriff’s inaction is beginning to raise the ire of Marshall County’s black majority.But before we take off to the races, blaming white folks for the inaction, lets take a look at the so-called civil rights community in Mississippi. Not only has the principle civil rights organization in the state, the NAACP, punked out on the quintessential issues confronting the more than 35 percent of this state’s population that is black, the NAACP has refused totally to address civil rights issues at all. That leaves an impetuous few souls to dare the wrath of the wicked state white power structure.Yes, black people will continue to endure random violence until we eliminate the black lap dogs from their luxury limousines and to the forefront of the civil rights struggle.