Tisdale’s Topics:Race matters

Reprint: Nov. 9-15, 2000

Mississippi has the largest percentage of African- American population in these United States. However despite the large population percentages the quality of life for black Americans in Mississippi continues to decline.The reasons are as simple as racial hatred. People are different. Despite that difference humans can respect each other for being human beings—for knowing that we will live together or hang separately as fools.Greed seems to be the common denominator that separates us from each other. However, only the knowledge and assurance that mutual respect and trust brings can assure that humans survive into the future rather than another species.Hate breeds hatred!Suspicion can only breed contempt. Decent human being must rise above niggardliness.Those who dispense only hate as a commodity have only themselves to blame when the winds of fear they sow reap only the wildwinds!