Tisdale’s Topics:Slavery by another name

Reprint: March 14-20, 2002

Abraham Lincoln and C.C. HayeThe best friends the colored ever had!Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1864.C.C. Haye straightened their hair with Haypo!In every age in American history, in the land of the free, there has been a con game designed to deprive African Americans of their money and there liberty. Whether disguised in dulcet rhyme, as above, or insinuated as more subtle forms of subversion, the result is the same: The ultimate loss of wealth and freedom for black people.Here in Jackson, we as African Americans sit idly by while the whole of elective government is subverted by a few for the benefit of a slim white apartheid minority led by the same racist white interests that have dominated Mississippi since David Holmes, the first Mississippi territorial governor asked for increased arms against an anticipated rebellion of “these miserable creatures,” as Holmes described Africans in America during the early 1800’s.The modern shame of it all is that black Mississippians have consistently refused to take up arms against a sea of racist troubles to cause the end of them.There have been a few notable exceptions: An uprising in Madison County during slavery years at the urging of John Murrell, the Natchez Trace bandit; the 1870 black militia under Charles Caldwell; and the political insurgency led by the late Fannie Lou Hamer and others in 1964.Black people of Jackson unite!You have nothing to lose but your chains!They are clanking at North Park Mall and the new McRae’s store.