toucback-2The year was 2006, just a short time ago, when a little known unproven quarterback out of Eastern Illinois took over as the Dallas Cowboys offensive leader.   Romo entered at the game against the Giants when Bledsoe threw an ill-advised passed that was returned for a touchdown seconds before the first half ended.  Bill Parcells benched Bledsoe and Romo has not been contested since he stepped on the field.  Many days have passed since that time and the ailing Romo now is more relaxed, skilled, and poised to lead the Cowboys into the playoffs.  As we touchback through the week twelve  NFC East match ups, we may have witnessed what was possibly the best catch made in a football contest, a back up quarterback lead with skill, and a quarterback who is facing the rock bottom, fighting to stay in a role that is on a short leash.fullsizerender-81

Game                                    Score                                        Record

Washington                      13                                                 3-8

San Francisco                   17                                                 7-4

If last week was a dismal week for the Redskins, then this week was tragically awful.  With a team in dire straights, losing confidence in its quarterback week after week, Robert Griffin III tried to make it rain on Sunday with out any success.  The numbers do not lie, Griffin was 11-19 for 106 yards and a lost fumble.  If a fan desires to point a finger in another direction, then the place to point would be the offensive line.  Griffin was sacked five times Sunday afternoon and looked like a defeated, tired, and wearied warrior.  Gruden was interviewed at the half and was questioned about the performance of RGIII and this overwhelming look of disgust crossed his face that he had to answer yet another question about his quarterback.   The standout performance Sunday was Alfred Morris with 21 rushes for 125 yards and 1 touchdown.   Even with a tragically awful performance, the Redskins almost won the game.  San Fransisco barely squeezes out a win to keep pace with the Seahawks, who by their own rights are having a vat of troubles on their own.  Next Week the Redskins face the Colts in Indianapolis.

Game                                    Score                                        Record

Tennessee                             24                                                 2-9

Philadelphia                        43                                                 8-3


Thirteen seconds into the game, the Eagles score their sixth touchdown of the season on specials teams.  Thus, eliminating any worry from the beating they received the week before from the Packers.  The Tennessee Titans boast one quality that is a major positive at this point and time, Zach Mettenberger, the former LSU standout.  Zach’s ability to play quarterback in a wash of a season will prove a positive for him and the franchise when they receive a top five pick in the 2015 draft.  The Eagles unfurled a new option which has been hidden for the past few weeks in a running back by the name of LeSean McCoy.   The Eagles presented balance in the offense  known as “The System.”  McCoy, looked like the NFL’s leading rusher from a season ago boasting 21 rushes for 130 yards and one touchdown.    If a somewhat talented Mark Sanchez can lead a talented team in “The System”, then Chip is a genius.  Of course Mark did not have the line at the Jets that he is playing behind in Philadelphia, nor the talent in the skill positions.  If the Eagles can keep balance in “The System”, then the Eagles will be tough to beat.  This next week the Eagles travel to AT&T Stadium for a Thanksgiving Day show down for the outright lead in the NFC East against the Cowboys.

NFC EAST Game of the Week

Game                                    Score                                        Record

Dallas                                    31                                                  8-3

New York                            28                                                  3-8


It was spectacular, tremendous, and maybe even the best ever.  Yes, I am referring to that indelible moment when greatness peaked out from under the covers and gave Brandan Carr the three fingered death punch…


My question is this, was there a football game Sunday Night?   I love football, I love talent, and we were lucky enough Sunday night to see both, but if the fans of football wanted to hear about the game, forget it, none of the major sports machines focused on the game played…I’ll do my best.    The first three drives of the game for the Giants ended in touchdowns, two of them by ODB and one by Williams.   The story of the week was ODB and his catch for much of the nation; however, the story of the night was the offensive line for the Dallas Cowboys.   This offensive unit for the Cowboys, quietly dominated the game.   At the end of the contest, the Cowboys walked out with a win.  Romo was 18-26 for 275 yards and 4 touchdowns, one of which, ended up in a shovel pass to Witten.  Dez Bryant scored two touchdowns with a score coming from Cole Beasely, made famous by The Tonight Show’s Superlatives. 

Eli Manning went 29-40 for 338 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 key interception that changed the momentum of the game.  These NFC East battles are always tough on the teams playing in them, and something remarkable always happens.  Wanting to see great football when it matters, watch the NFC East, it will be sure to entertain, dazzle, and leave the fans hungry for more!


Team                                    W     –      L                    PCT.

Philadelphia                      8      –      3                    .727

Dallas                                    8       –     3                    .727

New York                            3       –     8                    .273

Washington                       3       –     8                    .273

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Heart pounding, sweating, pacing and staring into the distance this past Saturday listening to my high school alma matter on the radio in the Area Round of the UIL 3-A Texas State Football Playoffs.  It is the first game I have missed since the first week of the season, and it was killing me.  They fought with skill and heart and defeated the Commerce Tigers 42-14, advancing to the regional quarterfinals.   As I prepare to write this article, I would be remiss-ed if I did not mention the Mineola YellowJackets and the unexpected run they are making in the 2014 playoffs, proud of you all!